Get the most out of your SmartPOS terminals.

Our accessories protect SmartPOS terminals against damage while increasing work efficiency.

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We provide SmartPOS Accessories

We ensure you increase your work efficiency by supplying high quality accessories. Our smart wearable solutions make your everyday work easier, while screen protectors & holsters help to save your devices from the most common damages. Improve the convenience of accepting payments and stop wasting money on repairing or replacing your terminals.

Protection Pro Touchscreen Shield

Custom made for your SmartPOS. ProtectionPro screen protectors are Slim | Strong | Sensitive | Flexible & Self-Healing.

Silicone Cover

This case is made of elastic silicone for quick and easy attachment. This material has a sophisticated look and is pleasant to touch. Our silicone case is compatible with
SmartPOS 9220 docking station. Available in Black.

Screen Protectors: No more Cracks and Scratches

Our advanced Screen Films were developed to protect any device from scratches and other common damages. We offer Protection Pro Screen Protectors for your SmartPOS device to perfectly match your business requirements.

Protection Pro Screen Covers

ENsure your devices last forever

Textile Holster

Our holsters offer easy carrying and remarkable protection for your SmartPOS terminals. Just grab your device whenever you need it, and have your hands free in the rest of the time to serve your customers. Just slip your device in or out. Recommended for fast work environment.

Safety Connector

Prevent accidental drops. Connecting your SmartPOS device to the custom hook on the SmartPOS holster. With a secure and easy-to-use connector you will add additional protection against accidental drops.

Holsters are Worth it

Easy Carrying

Have your hands free whenever you are not using the device. Just slip it into the holster and it will be there when you need it.

Device Protection

Holsters help to protect your devices from the most common impacts and scratches. Forget about accidental dropping or losing the device.

Durable and Reliable

Thanks to the high quality materials and advanced production technology our holsters guarantee durability with no compromises.

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